I have approximate answers and possible beliefs in different degrees of certainty about different things, but I'm not absolutely sure of anything.
- Richard Feyman
What is Bugbean?
Bugbean creates interesting things in the digital space. We constantly think of new and interesting businesses and need an outlet. So Bugbean is that outlet.
Everything can be done better, businesses that stand still will die, opportunities for clever people to create are endless. Current projects include:
Measure and compare your phone habits with others, reduce phone usage with blocking modes. antisocial.io 300,000 people can't be wrong.
A clever little travel app taking tour companies by storm, for iOS and Android. loom.cool
Social Media analytics and influencer valuations. metricapp.io Killed overnight by the Instagram API changes. hmm
Comprehensive consumer behavioural analytics and insights. zafty.io really is our core business, we just pretend we do other things to sound impressive.
NSFW polls on iOS and Android, a joke project that got a lot of interest. waffle.cool but makes no money, time to take it down we think.
Delayed messaging app for iOS and Android, fratchy.com really needs to be moved to the dead section, but we like the icon too much.
'All of our days are numbered, we cannot afford to be idle. To act on a bad idea is better than to not act at all. Because the worth of the idea never becomes apparent until you do it'

- Nick Cave, nuff said.
What we do
While a lot of this might appear to be a bit of a joke, but it is all tongue in cheek. We do actually think of and then create digital assets through either outsourcing to selected suppliers and through equity joint ventures.
Incubate Ideas
Fix bad UX
Analyze Markets
Help Others
Our Mad Skillz
We have varied and interesting days, we like to rate ourselves at our various pursuits.
Quake Live
When we play we pwn (110% really? you know better). These Fortnite kids will never understand pure gameplay.
Oh the ideas we have are endless, they could probably fill a book
We like to help them along their path, we ask for nothing in return other than a pound of flesh.
Yup, we know it backwards (a pioneer, a guru, haha!) but we give it no time.
Our Team
Really, you have read this far? Are you mentally stable... you must be because this is the best part of the entire site.

Truth be told Bugbean was created by Chris Eade founder and creator of Lifebroker, a company that pioneered the digital space for life insurance. Lifebroker grew to be the largest life insurance broker in Australia, with operations in the UK and NZ. With the business being sold in 2013 to Dai-ichi Life of Japan.

We have a small team in Melbourne and a select team in Minsk Belarus. They do not drink Vodka, they are too busy creating code and altering the course of US elections.
Contact us
You will find us roaming the streets of South Melbourne and haunting the local, and exceptionally good, coffee shops when not tinkering in the office.

Rear 206-212 Clarendon Street
South Melbourne VIC 3205
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The Artist Formerly Known As?
We try, we fail. Here are our dead startups...
Celebrity Stalker
We achieved 100,000 users but no real way of making money. We had deals with paparazzi to provide us with Celebrity Images and locations, these were live uploaded. Users followed their favourite celebs and could map their popular hangouts.. and stalk them (which became a problem!).
We were going to shake up the Australian online competition market. Did this fail? Maybe, maybe not we really just never gave it the attention it needed and it fell to the wayside to permit focus on other projects.
Simple concept, you give $1 per week to a designated charity. Lots of publicity, lots of work and lots of partnerships. All sounds amazing doesn't it, except for one important thing... No users!

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